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Respectful, honest and competent



Robert was our attorney for a particularly difficult family case that also involved civil and business issues. Robert faced a very aggressive attorney and plaintiff who seemed to have unending financial resources that continued the case well beyond the necessary time period. Robert and his assistant, Greg, kept the situation respectable, within our financial means and unraveled the case with the best outcome that could have been expected for us considering the circumstances. We needed Robert to be our attorney for years because of the filings of the other side. He kept the interest of our children first and foremost. He handled the tough stuff and consulted with us through out the entire process. Don't let Robert's unassuming demeanor fool you. He knows his stuff and he's willing to work hard for his client.

Best attorney, brilliant & worth the $



My husband was facing 25 years for possession and trafficking class A schedule W drug, his bail was set at $75,000 and Mr. VanHorn and his paralegal Greg Sheehan did an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job & got all the charges dismissed & the case thrown out!! He was so quiet I didn't know what to think in the beginning, but he's young & quiet but def knows the law & pulled out the tricks when needed & rocked!!! Definitely worth every penny, this man is a genius!!!!!



Robert was very professional and helpful for my custody case. I've had him as my lawyer a few times now and he's always gotten the best outcome for me each time. He's hardworking and knows his client's rights. While the other lawyer was trying to degrade and make me look bad for the judge. Robert stayed professional and honest and helped me win my custody case. I'll always recommend him to anyone who's looking for an awesome lawyer.



"Very professional lawyer who gets it done. He is highly recommended by myself and my family after all his hard work we got everything we wanted out of our case!"